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  1. Hi Patrick, its Ted. In addition to the monthly Sepulveda Basin birdwalk that San Fernando Valley Audubon hosts, the owners of a wild bird/nature store occasionally host walks there. There’s one next Sunday. Here’s the text of the message I got (email me back to let me know that you got this message):
    Wild Wings Bird Walk
    Sepulveda Basin
    Sunday, January 22, 2017
    8:00am – 10:00am

    The first Wild Wings Bird Walk of 2017 will be held at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area next Sunday, January 22nd. The SBWA’s diverse habitat is a refuge for wildlife living within our major urban area and a great birding spot for the beginner to the advanced. We will be looking for wintering migrants like American White Pelican (pictured), Belted Kingfisher and Ruby-crowned Kinglet as well as resident birds. Expect to see between 40-50 species.

    This walk will be about a mile loop on flat ground and last approximately two hours.

    Meet at 8:00am at the west side of the wildlife area parking lot and we will begin the walk from there. Dress according to the weather, bring water, a hat and sunscreen. And don’t forget your binoculars!
    Click here for Directions to Sepulveda Basin Meeting Spot

    If rain is falling Sunday morning, the walk will be cancelled.

    This bird walk is open to all who would like to join, so an RSVP is not necessary but helpful:

    AngelFest Update!
    The promoters of AngelFest, the proposed 3-day Music Festival for Woodley Park in the Sepulveda Basin, have been quiet for some time now and have very likely given up the fight. Public pressure against this festival was clearly the one obstacle they couldn’t get past. Congratulations to everyone involved in this struggle, especially the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society! We will update you further if there are any new developments.

    Happy Rainy January!
    Scott & Bonnie

    4337 Woodman Avenue
    Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423


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